Friday, 18 December 2009


So I like making lists, never manage to cross everything out on them mainly because I lose them or do not see them enough to keep the 'to-do' fresh in my mind...thanks to swissmiss there is a webpage known as TeuxDeux...

I highly recommend it, so simple in layout and ease of use. Its not just for designers, anyone who likes to know what they need to do or should over the next week or two, give it a go. It's free as well.


For the past two years I have been a culprit of making many feeble attempts at giving up smoking...

- lent
- new year resolutions
- birthdays
- promises...

but over the past week I contracted a very very nasty dry cough, making me physically stop smoking..awwhh diddums, I've had to stay indoors so what do to...THE INTERNET!! Anyway, whilst surfing the net (am i the only one who says that nowadays :S ) I rediscovered Martin Brents photography collection...

really like his sports related shots and most relevant to the here and now for me, the anti-smoking campaign shots...

bring on the new years resolutions.

Monday, 7 December 2009


Here it is ladies, a final yet not so final copy of the video we've made for World Aids Day, footage throughout the day and a sneak peek at our encounter with Gail. nom nom nom.

1st December (World Aids Day 2009) from Ade Curcher on Vimeo.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Kingston: Weather Research

This latest project will need alot of research and experimentation. For an early idea I'm thinking of the Aztecs and how they linked the weather with religion. After doing some quick net research I've discovered that there were Gods dedicated to different roles and that most had a link with the sun and the most commonly known Aztec Sun God - Quetzalcoatl. This Sun God had a lot of power and choice over who would succeed him, giving them tests to pass inevitably ending in death.

The artistic skill granted to the Aztecs is outstanding, such delicacy in their patterns and forms. A form I have seen plenty of is the circle this cylindrical form offers a meaning to the way that the Aztecs thought about the Gods and the weather cycles.

I want to play around with the beautiful forms and patterns created by the aztecs and providing that i can find appropriate research, create my own hopefully leading to a more developed, concise idea.

- Work with traditional designs; meanings of patterns and shapes.
- Apply to tattoo, stone, print, sketch, plaster, wax?
- Colour pallette; research which colours relate to weather.

Use these sites:

World Aids Day

So after a week and a bit of ideas, development, test, making and organizing World Aids Day came around like a flash. The day itself was full of emotion, from excitement to exhaustion we made our mark and had a good go at raising money and awareness for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Our idea was based on a paper chain that is linked by the red ribbon associated with World Aids Day. These machine cut figures were sprayed/painted white to provide a blank canvas for those who wanted to modify their contribution to our chain. Our slogan was 'Join hands against Aids' and with each donation we would add another figure to our chain.

We found that groups of students and kids who were on a school trip were really interested in what we were doing, so after traveling from St Pauls to Southbank and ending up by the Seven Dials by Covent Garden we found our calling.

Laying our chain around the monument caused much attention and as the light faded the headlights gave the figures a spotlight which was admired by many. We were graced by a brief appearance of Gale Porter, the ex tv presenter who contracted alopecia areata and has dealt with a lot of troubles in her life, this presence gave us a huge boost to such an exhausting day.

A project which even though it was treated like any other, held something much more in its application and outcome. Check out the blog later this week for our video compilation from the day