Monday, 26 December 2011

Awesome paper stop motion


Platform for Funding

Came across a great funding platform for product designs. is the website and the process seems simple and I've seen it for other fundraising purposes elsewhere. What I like though is the dedication to helping a concept move into production. Something that is proving harder when the freedom to create it yourself is proving more timely and costly with the demands of everyday life.

Films for 2012

Ignore the impending doom of Earth according to the Mayans.

There are some great looking films coming out next year. Here are my top 3.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Chimps on Speed!

A quote that my dad blurted during a meal we were having in Italy for a proposed band my sister should start up. Ive taken the quote and drawn 6 different chimpanzees that are under the influence which will be made into a book and put on display at the event Handmade & Bound by my friend Adrian Curcher & Katherine Newman

Here a few of the Chimps for you.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Concorde - Odyssey

A project influenced by the word Concorde - the restriction of the brief was to only use that typeface within our publication.

After some pretty thorough research we found that in 1710 a ship called 'Concord' was built in England during Queen Anne's War of Succession. This frigate ship was only at seas for a year before it was hijacked and utilised by one of the largest slave trading companies The Montaudiouns. 
The ship was renamed 'La Concorde De Nantes' and went onto travel from France, to Africa, to the distant New World on 3 trade missions. On its third mission it was intercepted by the one and only Blackbeard the pirate and modified to have more cannons and less cargo space.
At this point the Concorde was renamed the more commonly known Queen Anne's Revenge. It went on 6 long months of pillaging and blockading and battling along the East coast of the Americas before Blackbeard agrounded the ship in hope of leaving behind his overpopulated crew and start a fresh.

So that was our story and well, quite interesting to say the least. We decided that we would interpret this story through the ship itself and its transformations over the years. Our communicative method of choice were Shanty songs, traditionally sung aboard ships by the sailors. These shanties were concealed through a hand drawn coat of arms along with chorus' that were set on tracing paper and an old hand drawn map the backdrop corresponding to that part of the back story.

The cover was hand bound and Gold leaf pressed for a very traditional look. Here a few pictures anyway. I really enjoyed this project, first group one of this term and landed on our feet with the research,. Definitely want to develop it to create a more contemporary design on the inside but apart from that very happy with the outcome and finish. 

When I get the book in my possession I will post a few more pictures. 

Blend of Realities

Great short film by ANDREWMFILMS search youtube. Anyway, space invaders and all things pixally invade real life. Kind of reminds me of Scot Pilgrim vs. The World but a little more personal.

Check out the video

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Read this book a good few years back and seems to me like there's going to be a pretty good adaption in film

Swinton acclaimed to be playing the role of her career, well, we'll see. Probably after enjoying Spielbergs TinTin

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Geeky Type Games

Saw a friend posted this earlier...  A bit like the kerning game but all to do with shaping type. Fun and essentially quite useful for designers and non-designers the same.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Italy Photo's

Found here on my flickr. Just a few I wanted to link here as well.

6 Week Trial Membership on D&AD

Can't believe I've only just seen this but hey, at least I still got on the bandwagon whilst its still around.

Hope I find it useful, if you fancy giving it a go here's the lin:k '6 week trial'

Rob Ryan & Victorinox

Swiss Knife manufacturers Victorinox have teamed up with Rob Ryan to help publicize their remake of the no.1 rated gadget of our time. They make the casing out or reformed pulp which is environmentally cool in my books. Rob Ryans illustrations have always been my favourite kind - stencil cut from paper, in his own words "strips the work down to its bare essentials"

I picked up the recent free package from 'Don't Panic' whilst in Rough Trade and it included a piece of the promotional material. Best free package in a while with some nice 20/20 poster from ministry of sound and a full fold out poster of 20 years of K publishing. Read the article at Creative Review

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Design Manifesto

One day brief on Monday,

Q1, what did you learn from last year: to compact my research into solutions; better yet with research expand and retract learn went to pinpoint on certain aspects which hold more promise than others. 

Represented in a YCN style. with a compactor crushing research through a funnel onto a conveyor belt spelling 'solutions,'

Q2. What are your ambitions this year: strengthen the link between idea & format; to experiment more and find out what visuals work better than others, rather than attempting to work it out on paper.

 The ampersand is represented by a hand bent metal wire and placed between 'idea' and 'format.

 Q3. What design principle do you believe in: Truths are malleable, lies retain their shape; Something I thought of when reflecting on the year over the summer and it attempts to explain my feelings about putting too much of an opinion or 2nd rate sources into a piece of communication, if its truthful it can take on many forms yet if its a lie then it will always be found out.

 Represented through laser cut black perspex, the ''truth' piece had been heated under the grill and hand bent, whilst the 'lie' had been left untouched. Mounted on a aluminium strip.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sorry...'bin farmin'

but im back with a whole backlog of posts coming up. I just completely forgot about blogging online and well, had a great summer instead.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Levi's Ad campaign

'Go Forth' ad campaign banned temporarily in the uk due to riots, irony of a ad about rioting when levi's shops were probably looted as well.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Olly Moss & his vintage book covers for classic games

Awesome penguin style covers for games that he has loved from computer gaming gone by.

A touch of humour and a real truth in each of them make me wish there were novels to compliment the great games of our time. It would make the longevity of each just that little longer.

Friday, 17 June 2011


A view of pompeii
The farm!
At the top of Mt. Vesuvius
Looking down into Sorrento
Travelling on a ferry to the islands of Ischia

So I'm off out there for a month, in just over a month. I've been learning little bits of Italian throughout the year but need to step it up over this next month, anybody know or wanna join me on a crash course!

Just thought I'd post a couple of pics from when I went with family last year, the difference is, I'm on my jack jones this year.

I am actually really excited and the same time, cautious of what to expect, I'm planning on doing a few self-initiated projects out there.

Seeing as I'm going to be on the farm for the first week, I'm using that scrapheap, the mass amount of land and create a giant 3d typeface. Photography is big on the cards, thinking of acquiring a nikon d3000 before going, though if I'm travelling around a lot I figure a compact might be wiser.


Anybody wanna go this weekend? I really wanna see some the work, speshly from Kensington show, over 400 students work being presented simultaneously this year! As I will be going into my third and final year I feel I need to observe and take note of the quality and presentation of work from the best possible source. RCA in this instance..

Oh yeah, and I'm off to Italy in 38 days! For a month, need to improve my Italian, fast!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Larry, Howard & Jack

For the past 6 months my friends from home have been playing their guitars, generally when we are all quite intoxicated and this just popped up in my news feed. Good to see they're onto recording their sound because it's ought to be heard.

Thursdaynight by Larry Smith

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Final Self-Initiated - Multi-touch Table

This DIY technology has been around for a couple of years now, quite cheap to make, a lot of attention to detail is necessary.

Me, Adrian and Jamie worked together to produce this beauty. Images of it working and video tests will be up soon.

It is a multi touch table with a flash program presented on screen for times in the studio when you have creative block, or need a bit of inspiration. Using our tutors image as 2 options for the users desire to find out typefaces, useful quotes, new/old work, project briefs or even to quickly draw up an idea.

There were many helpful posts out there that solved alot of the complications that arose, especially getting the IR Leds to shine through the frosted persex. Optimising screen size to IR Camera's field of vision was another complication.

First project in a long time where I've implemented my product design skills, it feels good! Definitely getting on that 'yellow apron upgrade' next year.

Akala - Doublethink

Just bought Akala's third Album - DoubleThink

First heard him when I was 17. Thought his rapping speed and rhythm was sublime, for what little knowledge I had of rap at the time. The guy has grown in character, his lyrics still hold in the ears, with real content, none of the mainstream rap about money, cars, women, fuedes and other pointless things to hear about.

This is real storytelling.

2 examples of his work.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tracking app for iPhone

this app will use data from a file iPhone's have recently discovered to be recording without users approval and present data on a map of your recent travels with your phone.

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

Wiley 'Numbers in Action'

Yes Wiley! Michel Gondry-esque video, video and audio fit perfectly with the repeat of sequence and chorus.

Nice Micheal Jackson reference as well. Better than Eminems constant digs.

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

Me and Nic tried to make a really complex drawing machine in first year that in my head would of worked something like this. Instead ours was a little less streamline and well, seeing this machine by Eske Rex makes me want to redo the drawing machine in 3rd year.

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

Last BigFun repost

Realllyyy like the colours, great contrast on the white background and what's cooler than seeing what lies beneath the scaly skin.

Another BigFun shot

From BigFun


Phone screens.

Black and white photographs of touchscreen mobiles caught under sunlight. An opportunity to show the greasy patterns created by different users, those who keep their phones clean to those who get their grubby prints all over it. I find them quite interesting because they are ever changing due to the range of users and frequency of use. It also presents the most recent use of the phone, texting, scrolling, calling, gaming whatever it may be.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Pick Me Up at Somerset house

Went along last Saturday with Nic. First time either of us had been and we went with high hopes and an idea of what it had in stall.

I have to say, a lot of the work was to a very high standard and the varying techniques had me admire the quality of idea and the process to match it. But seeing as I've had the word 'concept' drilled into me over the last year and a half I wanted to see 3D pieces, performances, really simple engaging outcomes. I did see some lovely infographics that gave me a large list of books to read.

Entertaining ourselves for about an hour or so in the large Workshop room where the public had an opportunity to create a collage piece to take away with them. An array of image vectors, type, patterns and signage was there to be torn, cropped, resized, overlapped, duplicated and pasted at somepoint onto paper. Great fun and ended up making this A5 sized piece with four images related to Owls! Probably because I haven't seen one in years it felt appropriate to make a personal reminder of this Nocturnal natured bird.

Anyway here are a few images of the event from my trusty HTC and a scan of the zine.