Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Olly Moss & his vintage book covers for classic games

Awesome penguin style covers for games that he has loved from computer gaming gone by.

A touch of humour and a real truth in each of them make me wish there were novels to compliment the great games of our time. It would make the longevity of each just that little longer.

Friday, 17 June 2011


A view of pompeii
The farm!
At the top of Mt. Vesuvius
Looking down into Sorrento
Travelling on a ferry to the islands of Ischia

So I'm off out there for a month, in just over a month. I've been learning little bits of Italian throughout the year but need to step it up over this next month, anybody know or wanna join me on a crash course!

Just thought I'd post a couple of pics from when I went with family last year, the difference is, I'm on my jack jones this year.

I am actually really excited and the same time, cautious of what to expect, I'm planning on doing a few self-initiated projects out there.

Seeing as I'm going to be on the farm for the first week, I'm using that scrapheap, the mass amount of land and create a giant 3d typeface. Photography is big on the cards, thinking of acquiring a nikon d3000 before going, though if I'm travelling around a lot I figure a compact might be wiser.


Anybody wanna go this weekend? I really wanna see some the work, speshly from Kensington show, over 400 students work being presented simultaneously this year! As I will be going into my third and final year I feel I need to observe and take note of the quality and presentation of work from the best possible source. RCA in this instance..

Oh yeah, and I'm off to Italy in 38 days! For a month, need to improve my Italian, fast!