Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I don't like skateboarding...

...but the idea of skateboarders on fire is pretty cool.

Burn Ignite :: Ride :: feat Steve Berra (OFFICIAL HD) from Burn Ignite on Vimeo.

Graffiti without the can

Found here. I love street art, I love street art that hasn't been sprayed or painted, I love street art that has been sprayed or painted. What I now love is cement street art.

I did a couple of engraving on a wall where I get high sometimes, if I didnt get so high I would of taken a photo of it. If and when I go back and remember, I'll take some photos, discretely of course.

Kristian Hammerstad

Stuck in the uni library.. with google reader to keep me company. Found this over on Black Harbor, it's by a Norwegian guy from oslo, the only place I could say I know in Norway.
Anyway, its awesome, he's recreated some pulp art and I think the colour scheme on the legs print is sublime. Zombie hoes and dapper dogs, oh yesh.

Saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the other day as well; absolutely loved the 16bit intro from Universal pictures and the quirky inclusions of "thump" or "bang" never read the comics so cant say how it matches up...ask Adrian.

One last thing...

Black Harbor won't let me view their homepage on this computer because im limited to Internet Explorer, lame. Do love their way of saying 'get with the times'