Monday, 22 November 2010

Final Images - 'Last'

These images show how we presented our photo's in the crit. I felt we put alot of effort into the overall presentation of the work in a recreation of an office desk.

One of the things I wish we'd done now is print an A2 size version of our three photos' but hey, I guess we got carried away in the whole police desk presentation. The photo's themselves leave alot to the imagination when relating them to the last hiding place of our chosen criminals;

- Archibald Hall - Lavatory (then escaped through the window)
- Ted Bundy - Volkswagen beetle
- Raoul Moat - Storm Drains

The lighting technique we pursued feels a lot more controlled in these images opposed to our previous use in the woods and the basement. Purely down to the decision made not to create too many distracting light trails or obvious patterns.

Great project all in all and an even better oppurtunity to work with people I have never worked with before. Thanks to Dohee and Karina.

Cults...and our job of creating one

First off this awesome project costing only £500 to send a little man to the edge of the worlds statosphere and record all that it sees.

I don't know how this could link in with the creation of a cult but i'll figure something.

Second we have 'The Room' possibly the worst film ever made but has a cult following for the quality of acting, certain quotes, the atrocity of resemblance to human representation and of course the director/protagonist role of Tommy Wiseau.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Last place to hide...serial killers!

Finding a truth in the last hiding places was a difficult process but after speaking to tutors sent a spark off in my head to do with the last place killers on the run hide...

It links in quite nicely with the technique or group has worked with so far 'painting light' into dark places.
So, here are some examples of the last place to
hide for serial killer. Graham Young who hid in his fathers basement before getting arrested.

Also this is a really cool archive of subterrain london tunnels, search the November 2005 articles and look for the London Topical article.

Friday, 12 November 2010


Just got the new football manager, had the hardest fixture list ever.
Man Utd
Wigan (who were 1st after 2 games)

...well, beat man utd, lost to liverpool, drew with wigan AND THEN!!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Kanye West - Full length film

Awesome film, some interesting cinematography and most thought provoking is his message..

Anticipating his new album coming out in 2 weeks.. it may just be the first album I buy in a few years.

Reading Week

Halloween was jokes, Nic took an awesome photo of me so I decided to do a self-portrait.. thinking of getting it printed.. not like I'm vain or anything. Just it's the first drawing I've done in a while that I like.