Friday, 26 March 2010

Catharsis or Catharsism

Self-Initiated project has gotten me engrossed this week, I even went to the library! Got books out! And read them!

Though I'm stuck on whether the purging of emotion is a practice or action. i.e

-ism or -is.

fuck it, I'm going with -ism. Sod the oxford dictionary!

Apparently, this is what google thinks is purging of emotion.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


This video is amazing, completely reflects the music. Found it whilst checking KN.

also check the making of... pretty funny, tbh I would go insane after making this video.

Who needs David Beckhams right foot...

when Castro-Oil have gone and made this freekick taking machine.

world record for the fastest human freekick is 129km/h whilst this baby can hit speeds of 200km/h...

wonder if Capello has considered it!

check out the details and packed out webpage here

Sorry Dad

I've kinda gone and bought two things out of compulsive love for sweet design.

Manzine! edition 3!!! With Poster!!!! only 4 quid for two editions though :D


Nobrows Ouroboros by Ben Newman

Erghhh birthdayyyy?

iPad is growing on me fast. I know there is a lot of controversy and criticism of the hardware but it looks like the real deal.

check out the
ad for it.

Heavy Pencil

I think I'm going to have to be very careful with my money over the next few weeks but there is this oppurtunity tonight and i really want to as well!

Here's the facebook page if people want to come with :) Thankyou CRBLOG.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

an idea...

So we all love passionate commentators, they make mundane sport more exciting. This fella is just a little too enthusiastic, me and nic found it hilarious so we made a quick poster/typo piece which i then shamefully shouted out when presenting our research.

(grrr, i dont have the font on my pc, so i'll have to get it from college, upload there next week, basically it goes along the lines of DENNIS BERGGGKKAAAMMMPPPPPPPP)

Discontinued Olympics

So new brief, here's where i've got. List of discontinued or demonstration sports...

this guy Rolan Wolfe from the 1932 olympics performs the discontinued gymnastics tumbling, if you ask me it looks pretty damn amazing... compared to the LIVE PIDGEON SHOOTING event I'd say tumbling should be reintroduced so there you have it.

right now, i'm thinking of campaiging to bring back into olympics sports on a highly exaggurated level.

ohhh and how about a game of Basque Pelota