Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tracking app for iPhone

this app will use data from a file iPhone's have recently discovered to be recording without users approval and present data on a map of your recent travels with your phone.

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go | Technology |

Wiley 'Numbers in Action'

Yes Wiley! Michel Gondry-esque video, video and audio fit perfectly with the repeat of sequence and chorus.

Nice Micheal Jackson reference as well. Better than Eminems constant digs.

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

Me and Nic tried to make a really complex drawing machine in first year that in my head would of worked something like this. Instead ours was a little less streamline and well, seeing this machine by Eske Rex makes me want to redo the drawing machine in 3rd year.

Drawingmachine by Eske Rex from Core77 on Vimeo.

Last BigFun repost

Realllyyy like the colours, great contrast on the white background and what's cooler than seeing what lies beneath the scaly skin.

Another BigFun shot

From BigFun


Phone screens.

Black and white photographs of touchscreen mobiles caught under sunlight. An opportunity to show the greasy patterns created by different users, those who keep their phones clean to those who get their grubby prints all over it. I find them quite interesting because they are ever changing due to the range of users and frequency of use. It also presents the most recent use of the phone, texting, scrolling, calling, gaming whatever it may be.