Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mr Mafiosa

Picked up a cheeky book called the westerners from the library 'free box' and although there are some awesome cowboys and cowgirls in there I liked the look of this guy without any cowboy attributes, if anything he looks like a moody mafia boss who has had enough, scanned it in at 600dpi, then altered the threshold to set the mood.

Should of really spent some more time on the detailing but for once I was happy to stop before I ruined it.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year + GAMERZONE!

If I wasn't doing a highly exhausting degree and had a lot of free time and a large amount of expendable money... You would find me here.

The Gamerzone is found at the back of the HMV in the Trocadera Complex on Coventry street, Central London...

UPDATE: Me, Jamie & Nic went there yesterday and played an hour on Gran Turismo 5; lots of tense racing and light swearing in a public environment.

£3 for an hour at student rate wasn't too bad. Though looking around there was at least 20 young guys playing World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 and appeared to not have moved for a very, long time, so I can imagine the Gamerzone rakes it in.


The xmas break was quite creative, trying my hand at lino print, carrying on with A3 portraits, some snowy photography and some light reading.

I'll post most of it today..