Sunday, 15 May 2011

Final Self-Initiated - Multi-touch Table

This DIY technology has been around for a couple of years now, quite cheap to make, a lot of attention to detail is necessary.

Me, Adrian and Jamie worked together to produce this beauty. Images of it working and video tests will be up soon.

It is a multi touch table with a flash program presented on screen for times in the studio when you have creative block, or need a bit of inspiration. Using our tutors image as 2 options for the users desire to find out typefaces, useful quotes, new/old work, project briefs or even to quickly draw up an idea.

There were many helpful posts out there that solved alot of the complications that arose, especially getting the IR Leds to shine through the frosted persex. Optimising screen size to IR Camera's field of vision was another complication.

First project in a long time where I've implemented my product design skills, it feels good! Definitely getting on that 'yellow apron upgrade' next year.