Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Design Manifesto

One day brief on Monday,

Q1, what did you learn from last year: to compact my research into solutions; better yet with research expand and retract learn went to pinpoint on certain aspects which hold more promise than others. 

Represented in a YCN style. with a compactor crushing research through a funnel onto a conveyor belt spelling 'solutions,'

Q2. What are your ambitions this year: strengthen the link between idea & format; to experiment more and find out what visuals work better than others, rather than attempting to work it out on paper.

 The ampersand is represented by a hand bent metal wire and placed between 'idea' and 'format.

 Q3. What design principle do you believe in: Truths are malleable, lies retain their shape; Something I thought of when reflecting on the year over the summer and it attempts to explain my feelings about putting too much of an opinion or 2nd rate sources into a piece of communication, if its truthful it can take on many forms yet if its a lie then it will always be found out.

 Represented through laser cut black perspex, the ''truth' piece had been heated under the grill and hand bent, whilst the 'lie' had been left untouched. Mounted on a aluminium strip.