Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Edge: AudioPrinter Process shots

Me and Karina have spent the last few weeks putting together a conceptual device which we've coined the AudioPrinter. It is currently on display at the Edge Exhibition in the Stour Space, Roach Road, Fish Island, E3 2PA.

'The edges of dawn, noon and dusk are distinct moments which break up our day.

The ‘AudioPrinter’ captures fragments of sound from these moments in time, transferring the energy in to light, 
which is then exposed onto photographic paper. This conversion of sound to image through light is seamless.

Each L.E.D responds differently to the volume of sound; quieter sounds cause only the most sensitive of the L.E.Ds to react, whereas louder sounds produce a brighter display of light.

The direct printing process allows us to track the movement of sound; visualising audio in a way which challenges our perception of what sound can look like.'

Here are a few process shots and later in the week, I'll be heading to the space to photograph it and record some new prints.