Sunday, 15 November 2009

Foundation Work: CCTVillians

After finally getting around to creating a blog, I'd first like to share some of my Foundation level work a range of different formats and mediums used to get across my ideas and thoughts on the projects set.

This initial piece was done in the early stages of the course where the brief stated that we were to try and express a personal issue or problem with something that we see around us everyday.

As I have an interest in the sheer amount of cctv camera's that are in place for our safety I figured I'd translate these thoughts through a stencil piece. The center icon being a 'hoodie' overlooked by several camera's, in my opinion and through research, cameras were put in place initially to stop minor crimes commonly associated with the youth. The figures scale is to gain focus of each of the cameras, and to offer the onlooker a sense of safety. I love creating really intricate stencils and I'm sure you'll witness a few more throughout this blog.