Sunday, 15 November 2009

Foundation Work: Typeface

Like most foundation courses we worked with Type, I've always been fascinated with the intricacy put into making a well designed typeface. So here I've given it a try, focusing on turning an old gothic type into a dropcap type. Creating an overlapping basis for which the type fits ontop of.

I played around with positive and negative alot, whether the layer of the letter should match that of the detailed background which I felt would conceal the letter, offering the onlooker a harder time at recognising the letter. I also created an alternative where-by I chose to keep the letter have 100% opacity to make the typeface clearer.

I named my type 'Scintilla' after the latin translation for stencil, as each letter was hand-cut and pasted, a very time consuming process. Looking at both outcomes I prefer the type without the integration of the background in the letter. Let me know what you think :)