Sunday, 15 November 2009

Private Work: Phoenix

As you do... talking to my chiaropractor one day after the session and we got chatting about inspiration, I told him about what I do and he was moving house and wanted a piece for his gym so he can look to it whenever he wants to 'up his game' or 'reach the peak.'

So I went away with this idea of using some sort of mythological creature as they always seem to be worshipped or seen as something you'd want to be reincarnated as! I chose a phoenix for its free fly qualities, how when its seen to soar into the skies there are no limits.. so after sourcing an image, tracing and photoshopping a bit I felt that it worked well but it wasn't quite finished.
I went back to my mark making sheets and picked out one I called 'spineless energy' for its fragmented/shattered feel. I placed it beneath the phoenix and fell in love with the image, so did he.

He wanted his favourite quote along the bottom, which I now carry in my mind whenever I feel that I'm not up to scratch, enjoy :)