Sunday, 15 November 2009

Foundation Work: FMP

Propagrandeur; the title for my final major project. Setting myself the task of creating bold propaganda pieces which also had a artistic feel to them. A hard concept to achieve I found out, after extensive research and development, I directed my work towards the events of the G20 Riots, after hearing of stories from friends, online blogs, videos, imagery and interviews I found that it was disgusting the sort of measures used by the riot police.

I created two stencil posters of riot offices in uniform with a g20 logo to associate the imagery to the event. One image of a victim of the violence, quite a strong piece i felt, and one sticker which related to the recession and bankers.

Over a duration of two weeks I posted these works around my town, acquiring feedback from a varied audience. I found that the local authorities were not too happy about these works and after a few days removed dutifuly, although those more concealed held up for a month or two.

I felt that the outcomes were strong in their finish and content but in relation to my initial brief, I personally feel they wern't as bold as they could have been, probably down the to the detail in the pieces, simplicity would have been more effective and thats why I can see why the victim image recieved the most positive feedback.