Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kingston: 2D/3D Type

Each member of the group were given a word which we then had to express through differrent questions such as "What colour do you imagine your word to be?" or "What would it look like if it was set lustfully, angrily, orderly?"

I felt those excercises helped me think about the infinite ways one word can be put into context, we were then given the task of going away for 2 hours and producing an A1 Sheet with our word in an expressive form from what we had learnt as well as putting it into a 3D context.

My word was Durable.

I was happy with the 3D context with the idea of shoes having durability and representing this through the colour and condition of each. My A1 sheet however was rushed in that 2 hour mindframe but i still think it has visual appeal.